Vcl updating tcomponent classes

23-Jan-2016 21:35

Note that downloads from this website, git repositories on, the wiki and the forum are not affected.

Important: Any communication send to email addresses on the domain (aka [email protected]) won't reach the receiver.

namespace are not a replacement for the GUI portion of the Win32 API. NET Framework: its role is to make the underlying API easier to use by providing an easier object-oriented interface compatible with the core services of the . The GUI subset of Win32 is still there, occupying the same place it always has.

, you are still calling the Win32 APIs, but now you have a large layer of software called the CLR sitting between your code and Win32.

A cross-platform equivalent of VCL called CLX (Component Library for Cross Platform) was later developed for use in Delphi, C Builder and Kylix, it was however abandoned in favor of VCL.

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We are restoring the services, but we can't give detailed information when everything will be back online.As a result, the example presented in this section has been modified (and simplified) compared to the Delphi 5 edition of the book. base class, which implements the entire functionality but exposes only a limited set of properties.

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