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Even if your parents are super progressive and love you just the way you are, your dad will always be a little bit bummed out that you’re a ’mo. Some dudes will flirt with you very aggressively, bordering on sexual harassment, because you’re gay and it’s naturally assumed that you’ll want to sleep with everything. Girls will come up to you your whole entire life and say stupid things like, “I wish you weren’t gay, OMG, let’s make out! The only thing we have in common with each other is penis and then we saunter off into our own little alienated nooks. You will sleep with “straight men” until the novelty wears off and you realize that sex is the most fun when both parties are being honest about what they want. If you sleep with someone who identifies as “straight” you’ll be the one getting screwed.9.

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They hold high standards for their men, just as they hold high standards for themselves. Within a local, prestigious MBA program, two girls noticed that most of their male classmates going for girls without advanced degrees.

You will always feel a little bit fat and a little bit ugly. Everyone here is at least 10% cuter than you and they know it.

Moving to New York City may seem like a grand idea but trust me it’s not.

In her single days, Ashley definitely spent plenty of time wondering whether or not a guy was into her and agonizing over what games to play to get a specific guy to be interested.

Before Michael, she wasn’t focused on meeting the “one” and dated all the wrong guys.This was shortly after talking about her rigorous triathlon training program.