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22-Jan-2016 21:43

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No additional sorting or categorization has been done. TAR (Tape Archive) file, which can be unpacked using the TAR program, which is available for every computer platform.

The GNU Foundation provides access to an an accessible, open source TAR utility.

An 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper is too small to print a full cover so I just splice two copies together….it’s easy.

Just make sure to crop so the two images you print will overlap: We put all of our store bought movies into large cases so I save the empty cases to reuse for my home movies: Not sure how to take a screenshot? The images help me pick out the right DVD to watch without having to figure out the year: A few years ago my brother-in-law’s mother gave him and his sister a huge box of disks she had compiled with all of their movies from growing up. A few more ideas for making movie collections as gifts: Click the image below to download the zip file of templates: Stay tuned for the additional posts in this series.

You can also use our free tool to easily print cd covers & dvd covers.

DVDCover Links offer you a collection of free high quality dvd covers, and movie reviews.

Mack's life was a little different, he was rare and real as the ...

You can see the current covers available by browsing the categories under or making a search.Culled from various sources, this collection includes over one million JPG, PNG and GIF album covers.

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