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03-Jun-2016 04:33

It’s these rivals, the Google Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, that Apple built the i Pad mini to address. Apple set its eyes on those smaller-tablet dollars. If you’re going to hold an ebook, the lighter the better.And the i Pad mini is thin, too, way thinner than the Nexus or Fire HD.

AT&T: Mobile hotspot is included with the carrier’s shared data plans, whereas a tablet-only plan would cost you an extra per month.

Whats App plans to replace the 69p charge by connecting companies directly with users via the app.

Mr Koum admitted they have not settled on a final plan yet, but as it stands, it appears Whats App will charge multi-national companies to conduct customer service chats and calls via Whats App.

Think of it like this: the i Cloud Photo Library is like paying to have all your photos stored in a safety deposit box, and My Photo Stream is like handing a secure copy of your photos to each of your dearest friends, and asking them to look after them for free.

Of course, the easiest way to get rid of that godawful notification?Before you sign up for that tablet data plan, why not just your phone as a mobile hotspot instead?