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29-Feb-2016 13:40

Don't pass up the chance to add lasting beauty to your yard. Nobody likes cleaning, so there's often a focus on stuff you can see (or see through) – windows, floors, counters, etc.

Trees will not only bring you joy season after season, the right species planted in the right spot can increase property values and decrease utility costs. But lots of unseen things in your home also need regular cleaning to prevent more issues down the road.

Both of my subscriptions to these magazines recently ended, but for each, it’s almost silly not to renew if I enjoy the content (and I do).

If you are new to home redesigning, an easy place to start is in one of the smaller spaces of your home: the bathroom.

If you’ve heard advice from friends and family but still remain on the fence, here are three important reasons why you should consider a remodel for your basement.

Multipurpose Utility The creative […] Read More New Year, New Shower Gear Happy New Year!

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