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Over the decade since the band's formation, the sound has evolved and become heavier with each record, with Mick Murphy’s guitar playing becoming a prominent feature along with his solos and riffs.My Ruin are a DIY band who have control over every aspect of their output.Are you ready to discover someone to start a meaningful relationship with?

520 North Summitt Arkansas City, KS 67005 (620) 442-1111 License Number: 2151 Issue Date: 8/11/1995 Acord, Candace, OD 1087 N. Harrah, OK 73045 (405) 454-0099 License Number: 2635 Issue Date: 7/14/2010 Adams, Daniel L., OD 3051 Garden Avenue, Suite 159 Ft.

Sam Houston, TX 78234 License Number: 2636 Issue Date: 7/14/2010 Allard, Tyson, OD 212 S.